Why am I not receiving notifications?

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There may be several reasons as to why you may not be receiving email notifications.The following are reasons that this may be happening:


Not Receiving S2G Limited/Premium or Links/LinksPLUS (BidSync Classic) Bid Notifications?


One of the most common reasons is that there are no regions, agency types, or NIGP classifications selected. There needs to be something selected in each of these categories, as we use these classifications to filter the type of bids we send you.


You can edit these settings by logging into your BidSync Classic account, clicking on My account in the blue bar next to home, clicking on company profile, and then selecting the classifications tab. There you should be able to edit your agency types, NIGP classifications, and your regions.


Within the S2G portal, log into your account, click on the Account icon, then selecting Bid Profile in the drop down. There is a slide bar to turn notifications on or off.


Not receiving Bid notification or information on a bid you responded to?


Another reason you may not be receiving notifications is because your email address is blocked. If you clicked on unsubscribe to any email from Periscope, this will block your email address from receiving any notifications from Periscope. If you need this unblocked, this is typically done through your email server; however, an easier solution would be to call 800.990.9339 and then choose option one and option one again as Support can check for any obstacles on our mail servers.


Another User on Your account is Receiving Notifications That you are not receiving?


Note that by changing your user settings on your account, this only allows you as the user to have edited information. Each user has their own personal settings and will need to log into their account to edit those settings. If one user on the account is not receiving the same S2G or BidSync Classic Links or Links Plus bid notifications, please follow the information above for "Not Receiving Links or Links Plus Bid Notifications".


As for a bid that has an offer placed for your company, each user on your account or on their account will need to turn on notifications for the bid by logging into their own account. The user that is logged in and responding to the bid, and turning notifications on will be the ONLY person to receive notifications for a bid unless each user logs in and turns them on themselves.

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