Vendor Webinar Recording Reference Page For BidSync Classic

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Due to a lack of interest and attendance, we have closed the Vendor Webinar series.Visitors are still able to review recordings and help desk articles on the same related topics.



Below you will find links to articles and previous webinar recordings designed to help you make the most of your account and helpful tips on how to secure government contracts.These webinars focus on the Links/LinksPLUS (BidSync Classic) system.



Account Preferences


This webinar focuses on setting up your account correctly in order to receive the correct notifications for your company.


(View the How-To Article and Recorded Webinar)



Searching for Bids


This Webinar focuses on finding the right bids for you that can help you grow your business.



(View the How-To Article and Recorded Webinar)


Placing an Offer


Learn how to use BidSync to place offers on in-Network and Premium bids from all across the country.




User Management & Account Administration


Learn how to manage your users and other account features, including certifications and qualifications.



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