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A bid bond is a way for vendors to protect their bid security, eliminate erroneous bid disqualification and to discourage fraud. On both the BidSync Classic and S2G network, a bid can require a bid bond. In this article we will show you how you can upload a bid bond using Surety 2000, a company recognized in the Classic and S2G systems. Surety 2000 is a bond company that provides these security bonds. You can also upload a bid bond as an attachment to your bid. (If you did not go through Surety 2000, it will need to be uploaded as an attachment.) The bid bond requirement will be stated on the Bid Information Page:






You can upload a bid bond by:

  1. Clicking the Place Offer button at the bottom of the bid.

  2. Locate the Import option on the Offer Page. Click on Import select the Surety Company and input your Bid Bond Number and click Import.


  3. If the information was entered correctly, the Bid Bond Verification page will appear. Verify the information is correct, enter your password and click Save.


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