Setting Up a Verified Account

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After your register an account, an email is sent to your address with a link to use to verify and set up your BidSync account. Once clicked, a new browser tab opens to verify the token sent:

 If you wait too long and your token expires, you can enter your email address in again and resend a new token:

Once your address is verified, you can set your password and set up your profile:

Please following all password requirements:

The tool recognizes when you have met all the appropriate parameters:

As you type in a company name, the system will try to match up to existing organizations.

If you are joining an already established organization, a request is sent to the account admin to approve your user.

If the information is accurate, verifying both the Company Name and Address, click Send Request:

If you are the first person from your company registering an account, please make sure you type something unique. When creating new, please provide all pertinent company information:

Once your account is active, you'll be able to provide additional details about your company:

Whether joining or starting a company, next it's time to start teaching the tool which bids you want by adding in keywords about your company or business to improve the relevancy of what you see. Keywords can be multiple terms long (e.g. "parking lot", "bus parts", "mechanical engineering", etc.) or simple terms (like "fleet", "engine", "condenser", etc.). Multiple terms operate like specific phrases the tool uses to search through the Titles and Descriptions of each posted solicitation:

Once at least three keywords have been entered, scroll down to look at some samples of available bids and either add more keywords or enter negative keywords to eliminate some of the options:

Scrolling down the sample list of bids, those which the tool determines is a best match for the relevancy of your keywords will be at the top of the list. Any items that could possibly match, but may not be exact or only loosely related, are lower down the list:

While only 3 keywords are required to move into the next segment, add as many as pertinent to help the tool learn which types of bids to send you. From here, while the curated bid list is available, take the time to Increase Bid Relevancy. If there are currently no relevant bids active, enter the site to continue setting up your business profile with commodity codes or look at the available bids in the system.

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