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  1. If my Louisiana subscription is current, do I still get to use DocuSign?

    Your current subscription gives you access to use the DocuSign Digital Signature service. A new subscription is not required.

  2. Why did the Subscription increase from $100 to $150?

    Previously, Vendors were required to purchase a Digital Certificate on their own from a third party, costing about $200, which was additional to the $100 required to participate in the bid. This cost has been included in the subscription fees for DocuSign.

  3. For how long is the subscription good?

    12 calendar months.

  4. Do I need to download anything to use the new DocuSign process?

    No, downloads are not necessary. Everything is accessible via the web service online.

  5. Do I need to purchase anything else to use the Digital Signature?

    No other purchases are required to use the Digital Signature.

  6. Is the old subscription grandfathered in until the renewal date at the new cost?

    Your current subscription gives you access to use the DocuSign Digital Signature service.

  7. How do I activate the DocuSign Digital Signature?

    Your first activation will come when you access a bid requiring the Digital Signature and by following the process outlined here.

  8. Can I purchase more than 1 year at a time?

    No, subscriptions are only available annually but can be set to auto-renew.

  9. Whom should I contact if the Digital Signature doesn’t work?

    It depends. If it is a problem on the DocuSign side, then you would want to contact DocuSign. If it is a problem on the S2G/BidSync Classic portal, please contact Support.

  10. How do I select my signature?

    During the setup process within DocuSign, you will be guided to select the signature style as available within the application.

  11. How do I cancel the Subscription?

    All sales are final for annual subscription, and will auto-renew automatically unless the auto-renew option is deselected.

  12. Are there any refunds for the subscription?

    No, all sales are final and there are no refunds for the subscription.

  13. Can I purchase the DocuSign subscription without an Agency Subscription?

    For a DocuSign subscription without a Periscope account, please contact DocuSign directly. But in order to use DocuSign with a Periscope bid, a subscription is needed.

  14. Does this give me access to a Professional DocuSign account?

    No, this only provides access to use the Digital Signature feature of DocuSign to respond to Periscope bids. Any additional use of DocuSign must be contracted through DocuSign directly.

  15. How are these services all being paid?

    Periscope only requires the flat fee of $150. We will cover any additional costs required for the services to be used by Suppliers to fulfill the Digital Signature requirements in responding to government agency bids.
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